Gift Basket Theme Ideas for Raffles and Auctions

Today’s list is all about gift basket ideas for raffles and auction. Gift baskets can make a great prize, but they are even better when you have a great theme!

Here are some ideas:

1. Letter of the alphabet theme – Everything in the basket starts with the same letter. Include something that displays the letter prominently, such as a notepad or monogramed item.

2. Holidays – a basket devoted to one particular holiday

3. Movie theme – DVDs, popcorn, sodas

4. Chocolate – all fine chocolates

5. Wine and cheese – 2 bottles of wine, cheese, crackers, nuts

6. Kid’s coloring and art supplies

7. Electronics – iPod with iTunes gift cards, case, or portable DVD player, with movies

8. Travel – travel books, travel magazines, airmile certificate, VISA giftcard, hotel stay, gift card for online travel site

9. Sports – everything related to one particular team: t-shirt, hat, coffee mug, throw (or snuggie), bumper stickers, books, tickets to a game

10. Candles – several varieties of candles, gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond, Yankee Candle or other store where more candles can be purchased

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