How do I get prizes for a raffle?

Having raffle prizes that are enticing to potential buyers is very important. So how do you get raffle prizes?

1. Donations from people you know

The best way to start is to survey the members of your organization. Every member could possibly have something of value to contribute to the prize pool. And if not, they may know somebody who can. Go for your biggest prize first, though. You need to secure that “hook” in order to have a viable raffle.

Use some creativity and any connections or opportunities that you have. One year I planned a raffle that raised over $1000. In case you are wondering, our prize was a big screen TV. The company I worked for at the time had a point system incentive program. I pooled my points with some of my co-workers to get the big prize.

I also sent out an email asking my friends and the other ticket sellers for donations. I quickly got several more donations including some nice watches. Lastly, I went to several local restaurants and they were more than happy to donate gift certificates. And BINGO, we had the makings of a great raffle!

2. Donations from the business community

The business community should be the second place that you go looking for prize donations. It’s even better if someone who knows the owner or manager can do the asking. Write a letter of request (typed) on letterhead and signed by the person in charge at your organization. Bring this letter with you when you visit the business. If the manager does not have time to talk with you, then leave the letter and take a business card so that you can follow up later.

3. Consignment

Another way of getting prizes, especially higher value items, is to take them on consignment. The business gives you the prize to display at your event or office. Then people can see the prize and buy tickets. The prize will only be given away if a certain number of tickets are sold (this is in the official rules that you create.) Then when the raffle is finished your organization must pay the business for the item. Most of the time though you will only pay a fraction of the retail value.

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