How much should we charge for raffle tickets?

The amount that you charge for raffle tickets depends on the value of the prizes offered.

For low value items such as gift baskets, $1 per ticket is normal.

For mid level value items such as televisions and some travel, $5 per ticket is normal.

For the largest value prizes automobiles, boats, or large travel prizes $10-$20 per ticket is usually best. Some raffles which restrict the number of tickets sold will charge $50 or $100 per ticket. The logic is that the person buying the ticket has a better chance of winning and will be more likely to buy a ticket.

Deciding on the ticket price is an important step in your raffle planning. The ticket price should be related both to the value of the items and to the market that you will be selling tickets to. Charge too much and people will not want to buy… charge too little and your fundraiser will not be as successful as it could be.

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